Friday, November 1, 2013

Knock, Knock, Trick or Treat?!

How was your Halloween night? Had a lot of fun?

I met my Taiwanese friend to practice speaking Chinese and Taiwanese yesterday. I wanted to buy some creepy items to surprise her, but I couldn't find any interesting goods! =( There were some posters which advertise Halloween designed candies, but not so many shops actually sold them.

So I gave up, and bought a pair of glasses with a big nose.

I put on these glasses and prepared to surprise my friend while she left her seat. No one dressed up or put on masks in Taiwan. I needed a bit of courage to put on these silly glasses among people who don't care about Halloween at all. lol

Well, I didn't expect she wouldn't come back for a long time from the bathroom, so I had to sit alone with these glasses...

Anyway, I was successful in making her laugh and making some people feel weird.

On that night, there was an earthquake. It was kinda big quake.

My heart fluttered and wanted to go to the bathroom.
I walked to the bathroom and confirmed the door wasn't locked.

I opened the door and saw...

おばちゃん(a middle-aged woman) was sitting on the toilet.

It was the unexpected, it was the unforgettable big surprise on Halloween night...

like this
Of course I was surprised that the door wasn't locked, but the most shocking thing was that she was sitting on (stooping down) the toilet. You may see what I want to say by seeing the picture above.

I've heard that not a few Taiwanese people use a western-style toilet just like as when they use an Asian-style squat toilet. It's true. I saw it.

*Japanese Word of the Day*
/toire no kagi wa shimeyou ne/
You'd better lock the door of the bathroom.

*トイレ : bathroom, lavatory, toilet
*カギ : key
*閉める : to lock

*カギを閉める(=カギをかける) : to lock the door

In this case, I use /wa/ to emphasize the topic of the sentence トイレのカギ.

I should have knock the door...


  1. I laughed so hard when I read about that woman and saw your drawing! I hope you guys are ok after the quake.

    1. Thank you Jose! XP
      Fortunately, there wasn't any damage I could see. But my heart got damaged, you know. Lol


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