Thursday, November 28, 2013

How To Tell Someone You Love Him Or Her

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Of course you know how to say "thank you" in Japanese, right?
ありがとう for everybody (^O^)/

Actually I haven't heard full of this music before... lol
Can you understand its story line?

At the first scene, a man and a woman got off the bus and met their old friend. They were good friends in junior high school. They came back to the school they graduated from. And they remembered their old days. They remembered their teacher.

The scene around 4:00 on this video is their graduation ceremony. Japanese graduation ceremony is like that! But normally, there're more students and teachers in a hall. This story is about a school in rural district, so there were only three students (them).

In Japan, graduation ceremony is in March.
Oh you know what? There's an unique custom in graduation ceremony.
On graduation day at junior high and high schools, a girl junior ask a boy graduate his 第二ボタン/daini botan/, the second button from the top of his uniform.

What should he do if he was asked by several girls?
Then he would give his second button to the girl he cares the most. And then, other buttons to other girls. If you saw a boy wearing a school uniform without any buttons on graduation day, he must be very popular among girls. lol

Well, when I graduated from high school,  several girls junior came to ask my second button. It's true. But you know, I AM A FEMALE.

*Japanese Word of the Day*

/senpai, zutto suki desita!/
I've always loved you.
/tsukiatte kudasai!/
Can I be your girlfriend?

/ko... kokurareta! (watashi onnna nandakedo)/
Was I asked to be her boyfriend!!?? I am a female, though.

*告白(こくはく)する:a girl tells a boy that she loves him (or a boy tells a girl he loves her)
Young guys often make it short and say こくる.
こくられる is the passive, and こくられた is passive+past tense.

*先輩(せんぱい):Junior students call senior students 先輩.


  1. The tradition of the giving of the buttons sounds very exciting! What if no one asked me for my button??? :/ I'm trying to think if we have something similar for our graduations here. Hmmm....

    1. Are there any similar customs or traditions?:D

      If no girls will come? Then you yourself go to the girl you love and give your button to her! Or, take off the button and just pretend that you've already given it to someone. lol

    2. Both those options would make me sad! :P

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