Thursday, November 14, 2013

Be Hooked On Drama

Though I currently live in Taiwan, I watch Japanese TV news every morning.
Oh, you know what? Do you remember the TV drama "Amachan"?
*If you've forgotten, click here!

"Amachan" was so popular in Japan. The drama ended in September, and some people were affected by it. Some became spiritless in the morning because they can't watch Amachan anymore. And some got insomnia. The symptom's just like Pet loss, so it is called あまロス症候群 (Ama loss syndrome). I don't know whether there're still sufferers.

Anyway, it started broadcasting again in Taiwan with Chinese subtitles! XD
I can watch Amachan again! YATTA!!

When it comes to talk about the most popular TV dramas in Japan, "Hanzawa Naoki" is indispensable!! This drama achieved over 50% ratings in Kansai area. It was awesome...!!

Everybody couldn't help watching even though they were in a business hotel. Lol
It was really really really interesting drama. I hope you can also watch it with English subtitles.

*Japanese Word of the Day*
/konnani hamaru nante omowanakatta yo/
I didn't expect to be into watching dramas!

= to be into, to be crazy about, to be absorbed in, to be hooked in...
= such, like this, in this way (emphasize the following word)
*思う → 思わない(negative) → 思わなかった(negative + past tense)
= to think, to expect, to feel


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