Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Crazy Horse Races

The internet connection of my laptop is really bad recently. : <

Anyway, do you ever watch horse races? I don't, but I like horses.
When I was small, my parents often took me to the park which is surrounded by a race track for horses. There were small ponies, and I loved looking at them.

I was not interested in betting on the horses, but I liked playing computer games of horse racing at that time. I managed a farm, bred horses, made them compete the races. It was fun. : )

I found a video of Japan World Cup.
Ah, don't take it seriously! It's kinda joke. Lol

The commentator speaks really fast, but you'll find it really ridiculous and funny if you understand what he's saying.

This game was released on JRA(Japan Racing Association)'s official website. Anyone could play it. I mean you could bet on the horse you want (of course not paying real money!) and see what would happen. This video shows you several patterns of these race results.

Which horse do you like the best? =)

*Japanese of the Day*
(Watch 8:00~ of the above video)
Sankhon is trying to close a zipper without using both hands!

By the way, if you found someone's zipper is open, what will you do?
Will you directly tell him (or her) "Hey, your zipper's open!"?

In Japanese, we say 社会の窓 to avoid saying direct words.
社会(しゃかい) means "social" and 窓(まど) means "a window".

So, if a girl blushed over her face and bashfully said
あの・・・社会の窓が・・・ (Well... your "social window" is...)
you should check your zipper on pants.


  1. Lol! Here we say "Hey, you're zipper is down", but only if that person and you are friends. If not, it is awkward to say anything。


    1. Haha, thank you for telling me how to say it in English.
      I hope I won't have any chances to be said that phrase. Lol

      It's also awkward to tell people that his (or her!) nose hair is peeking out to say hello...Σ(゜Д゜;)

  2. lol! Yeah, here we don't really mention that if we see it... xD



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