Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Listening to Podcast is a good way to learn foreign languages.
I subscribe many kinds of podcasts. Mainly, to learn English.
Do you ever listen to podcasts to learn foreign languages?

Here's the list I subscribe:
<English Podcast>
*All Ears English Podcast
*English as a Second Language Podcast
*CNN Student News
*TED Talks (audio)
*Let's Master English's Podcast

(↓Podcasts for Japanese people learning English)
*ECC 英会話 Podcasting

<Learn Chinese>
*Learn Chinese -The ChinesePod Qingwen Show
*Mandarin Chinese Lessons with Serge Melnyk

<Learn Persian>
*Learn Persian with Chai and Conversation
*Learn Persian PersianPod101.com

I usually listen to them on my way to the grocery store,
during my commute, or during I do housework.

Now I have to go shopping for food. I mean, it's time to study.
But... It's really nuisance to have to go out in the rain!!
It's always raining these days in Taiwan. It's not because I am a Rain Bringer.
I've heard that it rains a lot during winter in Taiwan.

Do you remember the Japanese words which have relation to rain?
If not, please check out my previous post below! : )
>Typhoon is coming (again!)
>Rain, Rain, Go Away!

OK, today I'm gonna tell you an useful phrase when you don't feel like doing something.
*Japanese Word of the Day*
What a hassle! I can't be bothered! I'm too lazy! What a nuisance!
You know I am very lazy person, I often say it. lol

めんどくさい can be used as an adjective.
A troublesome job : めんどくさい仕事(しごと)
A complicated question : めんどくさい問題(もんだい)

めんどい is an informal term of めんどくさい. It's often used among young people.
Some considers it rude, so be careful when you use it. I sometimes say it though.

買(か)い物(もの)に 行(い)くのが めんどくさい。
/kaimono ni iku noga mendokusai/
*買い物 : shopping
*行く : to go

Let's say "I'm reluctant to go shopping because it's raining." in Japanese.
*雨が降っている : it is raining
*~から : because...
In Japanese, we usually express the reason at the beginning of the sentence.
It's quite different from English, right? : )

Don't be too lazy to read my blog!


  1. I had not thought about using podcasts! That is a great idea... Now I need to find Japanese ones, lol.

    Never too lazy to read your blog xD

    1. I recommend it! ;) I hope you could find an interesting podcast, too!

      Hehe, thank you so much!! X3


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