Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Do you like playing online games?

I know it's kind of a waste of time, but I started an online game again.

It's me!
This is one of the most famous online SNS games in Japan, called Ameba. The number of its players are more than 30 million! They provide many games, SNS communities, blog and stuff.

You can chat with people using your avatar called Pigg. There're tons of people who want to practice English here, so you'll be welcomed if you want to chat with us!

This is one of Ameba's SNS games. I usually spend my boring hours playing this game.

I harvest crops, plant flours, water them, cook, DIY furniture, or take care of animals... What a peaceful day!

They provide a fishing game, diving game, board games, gambling casino games, and so on.

I was a big fan of games. I've played Pokemon, Monster Hunter, Metal Gear, Final Fantasy, Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and other RPG, simulation, action games. I'm relieved that I could graduate from them =P

*Japanese Word of the Day*
/sorette, jikan no muda ja nai?/
Isn't it a waste of time?

I hope it's not a waste of time for you to read my blog XO


  1. Matsu-san, Konbanwa! I'm glad to hear that!
    I'm doing the pigg, life and world. I like the Ameba world the best.
    I'm looking for you at world^^.

    1. Hi, Gabriella-san, Thank you for your comment!
      Then I'll find your Pigg out tomorrow =D
      I'm really glad to know you also like Ameba games^^

  2. I still play Pokemon! :3 lol, I am getting Pokemon Y in less than two weeks when it comes out! I am excited!

    It is never a waste of time to read your blogs Tomoe, I look forward too each new post! :D


    1. Aww, your comment made me happy!
      It's very sweet of you, フエルナンド. Thank you!

      Oh no, Pokemon Y is the latest one? Maybe next one would be Z.lol
      I had played Red, Green, Yellow, Silver, Sapphire...
      Those were the good old days! XD

    2. I agree! I still play the old ones too :D, lol.

  3. I am also a video game lover and I am having craze for it. Even I can spend hours of time for it. This Japanese game sounds quite interesting and I want to play it. As you described about the game, I am feeling much restless to play it. I'll surely visit its site and blogs. Thanks a lot for sharing. creative carnival games new york

    1. Yeah, I hope you'll like it. :) It's very simple and peaceful game. Thank you for your comment, Fran!


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