Monday, November 25, 2013

What a coincidence!!

I didn't do anything last weekend but today was a very good day.
How was your weekend? Did you have any fun?

Today I went to go hang out at my new friend's house.
She's also Japanese, who lives in Taiwan. It was the second time we met,
but we became a good friends. We have many points in common.

You know, I go to foot massage lessons once a week.
The first day, after the lesson my classmates and I went to have lunch.
That was the first and last time we went for lunch together... (-_-;)
Anyway, we introduced ourselves to each other at first.

The lady sat next to me told me that she knows a girl whose name is very similar to me.
Her name is Tomoe, too. And there're many ways to write Tomoe in Kanji characters.
I have met a few people whose name is Tomoe before,
but I haven't met Tomoe which is written in the same Kanji characters as me.

And, my full name has 4 characters in Kanji.
2 are the Kanji of Tomoe, and the other 2 characters are of my family name.
My new friend Tomoe's name's three-fourth are the same characters!! Wow.

The classmate introduced me that girl, and two Tomoe became friends.

Not only our names.
We are the same age, we're from very close cities in Japan,
we got married in the same year, and we came to Taiwan because
our husbands have been transferred here.

You ain't seen nothing yet!
My husband is 6 years older than me, and her husband is also!
I asked her where he is from. And yes, our husbands are from the same city... =O
Have you ever experienced like this? They went to the same high school...

It's amazing to meet the person like her in Taiwan.
The area I live in isn't much popular for Japanese people who live in Taiwan.
But we live in the same area. Oh my...!

*Japanese Word of the Day*
/suggoi guuzen dane/
What a coincidence!! Isn't it?!

*すごい/sugoi/ very, a lot, amazing, cool... etc
*偶然/guuzen/ coincidence, chance

We often say or write like this to emphasis the word すごい.
You also say "verrrrrry" right? It's like that.

It's hard to explain how to pronounce it, so I put an audio file today! Yay!

So, すごい=) → すっごい=D → すっっごいXD

I've forgotten about this audio tool until now. I used to use it to practice speaking a foreign language and to get feedback from native speakers. (But only used for 2 or 3 times..)

Oh, I feel a little embarrassed by my voice...

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