Friday, July 25, 2014

You Look Good in Yukata ~Japanese Traditional Clothes~

*Japanese Word of the Day*
/sono yukata kawaii ne. niatteru yo/
That Yukata looks cute. You look good in it.

*かわいい /kawaii/ cute
*ね /ne/ (sentence ending particles)

*似合(にあ)う /niau/ to suit; to mach well
似合ってる /nia-tte iru/ is a present continuous tense. is usually omitted in casual conversations.
*よ /yo/ (sentence ending particles) In the same way as ね/ne/, it also makes the sentence sound friendly. It is used when the speaker wants to inform something, or emphasize his opinion. It is like "you know" in English.

Now you understand what to say when you get asked 似合う?(Do I look good?)
Be careful, におう/niou/ sounds similar but it means "to smell"!! lol

Yukata is one of Japanese traditional clothes in summer. Do you like it? :)

I miss Japanese Summer Festivals. I used to wear Yukata when I went to Summer Festivals in Japan. Lately, Yukatas in bright colors (decorated with laces, accessories and big flowers) are popular among young girls, but I prefer traditional designs like the ones women wearing in the video above.

I'd like to introduce a nice blog which introduces Japanese culture and some useful words.
Japanese Language Blog
by. Transparent Language / Language Blog

Well, please don't forget to come back to my blog! :P

Monday, July 7, 2014

A Satisfying Trip

I came back to Taipei yesterday from a short but very relaxing trip to Penghu Islands.

I got sunburned though I used up all of the SPF 50+++ sunscreen. (I'm not sure what SPF means, but I believed it was a strong one) It was scorching hot!!

I took a lot of photos. During my 6 days stay in Penghu islands, I tried hard to speak with people in Chinese and Taiwanese. Well, my Chinese/Taiwanese speaking skill isn't good enough, but I could somehow communicate with many people. It was really fun. :)

The sky was blue. The sea was also blue and so clear that I could see the shadows of fish.

It was an amazing, relaxing time. I read a book in a hammock.

I didn't study English and Persian while I stayed in Penghu islands. I'll start learning again from this week. Maybe I will be back to Japan next month, so I cannot waste time. I have to make every day count.

*Japanese Word of the Day*
/juujitsu-shita natsu-yasumi/
A satisfying summer break

*充実(じゅうじつ)している : to be satisfied, perfect, substantial, fulfilling

ex) 毎日(まいにち)が充実している。
/mainichi ga juujitsu shiteiru/
I am living everyday to the fullest.

ex) 充実したレッスン
/juujitsu shita ressun/
a productive lesson

ex) 充実した1日(いちにち)
/juujitsu shita ichi-nichi/
a satisfying day

*夏(なつ)休(やす)み : summer vacation, summer holidays


四季(しき)four seasons
This Kanji "四" express the number "four" and "季" means "season".

How about you guys? Did you have a 充実した週末しゅうまつ : weekend)?