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It's been a while since I've written up my last post. I've been very busy but now I have plenty of time to write a new post. (I feel exhausted right now though...) Last week I opened my laptop and found that I got a lot of "g+1", which really surprised me! I don't know why, but thank you guys, I'm really happy if this blog would be of some help. :)
I also love learning languages, and the purpose of this blog originally was to practice writing English. So, excuse me but my English is not perfect.

Well, well, well... I remembered that I haven't written some great places in Kanazawa city! It's 忍者寺(にんじゃでら)/ninja-dera/. Yup, Ninja Temple! XD

Can you believe that this temple is a four-story building with seven-layer internal structure?
But actually, there aren't any Ninjas in this temple. Had Ninjas lived there before? No, they hadn't. Then why this temple is called as 忍者寺? It's because there're traps, secret rooms, hidden tunnels, a labyrinth of corridors and staircases!! You must follow a guide when you visit, otherwise you'll be lost and never be able to get out of there... (Really?) also introduces this spot. (The introduction of Ninja Temple is Here!)

If you have time, you can drop by Nishi Chaya District. It's near the temple.
As I wrote in my previous post, there're several Chaya District in Kanazawa city. Nisi Chata District is much smaller and quieter than other Chaya District, so not so many people go there. But it's also a nice place to walk around.

If you're interested in Japanese home cooking, there's a great restaurant near Nishi Chaya District!! The name of the restaurant is 亜汰(あた)/Ata/.

The owner is a passionate, friendly lady. I like her very much. :) It's not a big restaurant but very cozy. The food is really delicious.You'll see a small house with a red wooden wall on the opposite side of Nishi Chaya District.

OK, that's all for today. Again, thank you very much for reading my blog!!
Your comments are always welcome. :)

*Japanese Word of the Day*
/takusan "iine" ga tsuiteru yo/
You got a lot of "Like"!
/eh? itsunomani?/
Huh? When did it happen?

*たくさん /takusan/ = いっぱい/ippai/ many, a lot of

*いいね /iine/ "Like" (of Facebook or something)
いいねする/いいねを押(お)す to give a "Like"
いいねがつく to get a "Like"
I've wrote about いいね before! Do you remember? Here's the post. :D

*いつの間(ま)に /itsu no ma ni/ before I knew it, before I realize it
When you noticed something but you don't know when it exactly happened, you can say this phrase. Or, you can use it in a sentence like below.

いつの間(ま)に 帰(かえ)ってたの?
/itsunomani kaetteta no?/
When did you get home? (I didn't notice you've got home)

いつの間(ま)にか 眠(ねむ)っていた。
/itsunomani ka nemutte ita/
I was sleeping before I knew it.

We usually add after いつの間に when describe things.

いつの間(ま)にか 日本語(にほんご)が話(はな)せるようになっていた。
/itsunomani ka nihongo ga hanaseru youni natte ita/
I became able to speak Japanese before I realize it.

I'm going to write about language exchange on my next blog post. Are you interested in it? Or you already have a Language Exchange partner? I want to know how you guys do the language exchange. :)

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