Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Speak Foreign Languages Fluently

I'm often surprised that a lot of Taiwanese people can speak Japanese very well!

Last week I went to a convenience store, and the cashier found I am Japanese, so he talked to me in Japanese. It often happens in Taiwan. In Japanese style restaurants like ramen(noodles) shop, they say いらっしゃいませ! when I enter there.

*If you have been to Japan, you would have heard this phrase (いらっしゃいませ) a lot!

This clip was really fun. XD You can enjoy it with English subtitles!
I especially like the last part of it. I hope I also would be able to speak foreign language fluently like them!! Awesome!

*Japanese Word of the Day*
えっ 何(なん)のために持(も)ってるのか?
/eh nan no tame ni motteru noka?/
Wait, why am I carrying this?
(Watch 17:22~ of this video!)

*Yodobashi Camera is a big electronics store.
The man on this video from 17:22 loves shopping at Yodobashi Camera.
He showed his laptop and said he can't do anything without it so he always carrying it.
And he said....


  1. Konbanwa^^! When I saw the proglam, I laughed!
    They speak Japanese very fluently! I agree. I want to speak foreign language like them. (They enjoy their interview!)
    I think Having interest of foreign language or culture are important.
    What do you think?

    1. Yeah, if you have an interest in a foreign language, that would motivate you to study it. =)
      Hey, you're studying French, Chinese, Spanish and Korean, right? It must be really hard if you had no interest in them. Good luck!
      Thank you for your comment, Gabriella-san!


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