Monday, November 4, 2013

Move To Tears

Did you have a good weekend?

I originally planned to go to the hot springs, but I thought it wasn't good day to take the hot springs bath because it was little hot and humid. I'd like to go to the hot springs in a colder day. It's very comfortable to take a bath in winter =)

After all, my husband and I had traditional Chinese food for lunch and then went shopping. We found a movie theater in the shopping center, so decided to see a movie by the way.

The title of the movie we saw was そして父(ちち)になる /soshite chichi ni naru/.
*そして then, after that, after all
* father
*~になる become, get, turn, grow

The English title is "Like Father, Like Son".
(Official Homepage is HERE!)

It was very sad but a nice movie, I was moved to tears a little bit. =')

*Japanese Word of the Day*
/kono eiga, nakeru/
This movie moves to tears...

/kimi-tte, namida-moroi yone/
You are easily moved to tears, aren't you?

*涙もろい (adjective) be easily moved to tears, be sensitive,

Are you 涙もろい person? Or have you ever been moved to tears by watching a movie or reading a book? Right, I'm kinda 涙もろい. =P


  1. My weekend was really boring at first :/. But then it got better because I made friends with two girls and a guy that are Chinese :D. They are all really fun!

    1. Wow, that's cool =D Did you speak with them in Chinese or in English?
      Making friends from all over the world is so exciting!

    2. In English of course! lol, I don't know any Chinese :3


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