Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Buying Contact Lenses

Since I was a high school student, I've been wearing contact lenses.
To buy contact lenses in Japan costs time and money. How about in your country?

At first you need to find the ophthalmic clinic which sells contact lenses. And you have to wait so long in the boring waiting room. After testing your eyesight and something else, back to the waiting room and wait until your name will be called. Maybe a receptionist says that you have to come to the clinic 1 week later to get your contact lenses.

You have to pay a consultation fee in addition to the price of the contact lenses. It's not a duty, but you're told to come to check your eyes' condition every other months or once in three months.

I found that it's much easier to buy contact lenses in Taiwan. Most optician's shop sells contact lenses without eyesight checking. I just showed him the boxes of my contact lenses which I've been wearing, and I'll get new lenses tomorrow.
And, they're cheaper than ones in Japan! =)

*Japanese Word of the Day*
/megane, kumotteru yo/
Your glasses get foggy.

*くもる : get fogged up, get foggy


  1. I think here in the states the process is pretty similar. Prices are kind of high too. I want to get contacts! I'm afraid of touching my eyes though... :/

    1. Wearing glasses isn't bad, but sometimes it's troublesome. I often forget where I put it. Well, as for me, it's not only glasses but any things =(


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