Friday, May 2, 2014

Don't Be Embarrassed To Make Mistakes

I found an interesting Youtube video!

Micaela is a Canadian girl who's working in Japan.
You'll find many video which introduces Japanese "funny" culture on her channel. XD

In this video, she tells us some great advice how to improve Japanese language skills.

1. Make mistakes. 
    And don't be embarrassed to make mistakes.
2. The best way to learn pronunciation is
    to copy someone. (Real human!!)
3. When you don't know words, try to describe it
    using any other words in your vocab.
4. As long as you keep improving even if it's
    little by little, your skill would be better,
    than it was the day before, or the week before,
    or the year before!!

These tips would apply all language learners, right?

You know, I'm going to get on a plane to Japan this Sunday!! I feel a little bit nerves to go to the airport alone. I hope I can wake up on time... hope THIS* won't happen. lol

*Japanese Word of the Day*
/machigaeta-tte ii janai, ningen damono/
It's okay to make mistakes, isn't it? Because we are human.

*間違える/machigaeru/ to make a mistake
*いい/ii/ okay, fine, good, no problem
*~じゃない/janai/ For sure, right? Isn't it? (It sounds a little bit feminine)
= ~じゃん/jan/ (It is used by both girls and boys)
We put it to the end of the sentence to emphasis and affirm it.

/kondo deeto sitekureru-tte itteta janai! usotsuki!/
You said you would date with me next time, didn't you!! Liar!!

/kyou wa isogashii-tte itta jan. denwa shite konaide yo/
I said you that I'm busy today, you know. Don't call me.

*人間/ningen/ human
*~だもの/damono/ It is because...
Its usage is similar to から/だから which I introduced in the previous entry.
だもの is often spoken as だもん/damon/. It indicates emotional reason.

/datte, tarou-kun no koto suki nan damon/
Because I like you, Tarou (boy's name)...

You know, だもの sounds childish and cute than だから.

You know, 人間だもの is one of the very famous poetry in Japan.

This is written by a Japanese artist Aida Mitsuo. He's known by the unique brush calligraphy, and his simple and powerful poetry. The most famous work of all is this;

つまづいたって いいじゃないか にんげんだもの
/tsumazuita-tte ii janaika. ningen damono/
Don't worry about failing, we are human.

You may found today's *Japanese Word of the Day* is his parody. :P
Since his poetry became very popular, many people made his parody. It's funny.

A college student said; 留年(りゅうねん)したっていいじゃない 人間だもの
(It's okay to repeat the year in school, we are human)

Can you make your own 人間だもの poetry? Try to make one! XD


  1. Hi Tomoe~ ^^
    I have seen this girl's videos for a while now, and I really think that what she says about Japan is funny and interesting x).

  2. Hi! thank you for your comment Fernando!
    You've seen her videos? It's also interesting for me to know how foreigners think about Japanese culture! XD


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