Monday, December 2, 2013

It Happens While You Sleep

I slept in! I saw a sad dream, and woke up at noon :'(
Do you often see a strange dream? I do. But I don't remember what I saw very well.
My husband says that I sometimes talk in my sleep and act as if I am awake.
It's creepy, isn't it? lol

I remembered something from long time ago!
When I was small, I slept with my family together. My father shouted aloud at midnight suddenly, which surprised me. I woke up and looked at him.

My younger brother also woke up but didn't understand what happened. He sucked his thumb and went to sleep again. My father... was sleeping with his feet up. He rubbed his feet together as if a fly. It was really weird sight. Sooner or later I fell asleep again.

At the next morning, I thought what I saw was a strange dream.
I asked my dad, "Did you sleep well last night?".
He replied that he had seen a strange dream at that night.

He found that his daughter (it's me!) was, in fact,  a Terminator.
Tomoe (me!) noticed that he found the truth. And she ran after him to kill.
He was far too excited and shouted out, then his dream ended.

Yeah, I understood. That's why he shouted out at midnight. Lol
He didn't remember that he was rubbing his feet together, though.

By the way, is it strange for you to sleep with family together?
In Japanese traditional room, we put futon mattress to sleep.
We used to spread 4 sets of mattresses in a room.

Don't worry, only small kids sleep with parents together. lol
Nowadays many Japanese people like to sleep in a bed, instead of a futon mattress.

*Japanese Word of the Day*
/kare wa nezou ga warui/
He tosses around in his sleep.

/otousan no ibiki ga urusakute nemurenai/
My father's snores so loudly that it disturb my sleep.

*寝相 one's sleeping posture
寝相が悪い literary means "one's sleeping posture is bad".
You can say 寝相が良(い)い if he sleeps without turning over.

*いびき a snore
いびきをかく (verb) snore
Here I wrote いびきがうるさい. うるさい means noisy or annoying.

*眠る to sleep
眠れない cannot sleep
最近よく眠れない = I cannot sleep well recently.
最近(さいきん)recently + よく well + 眠れない cannot sleep

Are you 寝相が良い, or 寝相が悪い? =)

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