Saturday, September 28, 2013

YATTA!! The Magic Word Makes You Happy

Have you had anything happy with you lately?

I hope you don't hate silly comedians like this. I loved them when I was small. My younger brother and I often imitated their funny dance. This song reminds me of my silly and funny days. Lol
Wait, don't leave this blog! Let me introduce this song.
I'm sure this song will give many people 元気(げんき) /genki/.

At first this group is called はっぱ隊/happa-tai/ (The Team Leaves).
They suddenly appear when a person got depressed or felt blue.
They do nothing but sing a very cheerful (ridiculous) song for him. And go away.

The title of this song is YATTA! Have you heard this word before?
Japanese people say it when something good happened.
It's like "Did it!" "Yeah!" "Great!""Hooray!" "Yaaaay!" and so on.

I like this video because there're many people from all over the world dancing YATTA! The blue colored words at the upper-right corner on this movies shows the name of countries or the places they're dancing. You can see アメリカ(the U.S.A), ケニア共和国(Kenya), フランス,(France),  イギリス(the U.K), スウェーデン(Sweden), カナダ(Canada), スペイン(Spain) and more... Could you find your country? Lol

They all look happy, don't they? That's why I like it.

/happa ich-imai areba ii/
Just one leaf is enough.

/ikite iru kara lakkii da/
We're lucky because we are alive!

Everybody say  YATTA! You passed the exam? Got a promotion? Slept well last night? Say YATTA! The water tasted good? Felt warm under the sun light? Your dog is cute? You can breathe in, you can breathe out, then say YATTA! It possibly seems not special
but it's actually very lucky for you and me.

/don'na iikoto aru darou/
Where will it take it to? (How happy will it be?)

/ikite ita kara lakkii da/
We're lucky because we've been alive!

The world is filled with YATTA! Or, why don't we fill it with YATTA!
If you also like this song, please share this word (and this blog :P) with your friends.

♪きみが変(か)われば 世界(せかい)が変わる
/kimi ga kawareba, sekai ga kawaru/
The world will change if you changed.

By the way, this video has subtitles in Japanese, so you can study some words from this song. (Yes, say YATTA!) If you don't understand what they say or have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me.

And, I'd love to hear your YATTA! story XD As I asked you first, have you had anything happy with you? Let me know, and share your YATTA! please.

Me? Well, my friend lend me the DVD I've been wanted to watch. YATTA!
I saw some pictures of my nephew, he is so cute! YATTA!

Have a YATTAful weekend! ; )


  1. I got my 3DS XL today! YATTA!!

    1. That's good! I like Nintendo games, too!
      Thank you for sharing your YATTA! XD


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