Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Misunderstanding

In my previous post, I told you how Kanji works in a sentence.
You can find funny Kanji mistypes when you search 変換ミス or 誤変換.

These are my favorite ones;
○ハイ写真だよ /hai, shashin dayo/ Here, it's the picture.
×歯医者死んだよ /haisha shinda yo/ The dentist has dead.

でーとのあいてがいれば… /deeto no aite ga ireba/
○デートの相手がいれば Wish I have a person who can date with...
×デートの相手が入れ歯 The person I date with wear false teeth...

/daigaku wo sotsugyou sitara issho ni sumou/
○大学を卒業したら、一緒に住もう Why don't you live with me after we graduated?
×大学を卒業したら、一緒に相撲 Why don't you do Sumo with me after we graduated?

Let's do Sumo!
Oh, I remembered one. It was my freshman year of high school.
I decided to join the school handball team, and I invited a girl who happened to be there. She wasn't very close friend at that time, if anything, it was the first time I talked with her.

Me "Hey, why don't we join the school handball team!"
Her "Handball team? Well, どうしようかな (=let me think...) あたし、けがおおいから..."

When I heard what she said, I thought she said あたし、毛が多いから.
*毛 hair
*多い many, a lot

So I told her nobody cares whether or not you are hairy. Then she was surprised and laughed out loud. What she said was wasn't that she's hairy.

She said あたし、ケガ多いから.
*ケガ is written as 怪我 in Kanji, which means an injury or a wound. Frankly, I couldn't recall how to write this Kanji though I can read when I see it. Maybe it's not only me! I think not a few people cannot handwrite it.That's why I often see this word written in Katakana, I think.

Do you get the picture about this story? =)
By the way, she decided to join the team as a manager. And from that day on, she became one of my best friends in my high school life.

*Japanese Word of the Day*
/ke ga ooinja nakute, kega ga ooi no!/
I don't mean that I am hairy, but I have many injures!


  1. It can be really easy to mix up a sentence! I'm still practicing so I'm sure I'll say a lot of things wrong lol.

    1. Making mistakes isn't bad! This is what I'm trying to convince myself of. lol
      I'm going to write about some common mistakes in Japanese next time. I hope it'll help with your study ^.^ Thank you for reading my blog full of mistakes!

  2. I like the blog! I get to read it from my email when I'm at work. :)

    1. Really? Your comment made me so happy! Thank you Jose X)


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