Sunday, October 27, 2013

Creepy Smile =)

What will you be for Halloween this year?

Do you have a party? It's not so common to celebrate Halloween in Taiwan (nor in Japan), but we also enjoy its creepy mood =) I'm meeting my Taiwanese friend to exchange language on 31st. So I'm gonna surprise her somehow! hehe...

*Japanese Word of the Day*
It's creepy..

*不気味な笑顔(えがお)  a creepy smile
*不気味な絵(え) a creepy picture
*君(きみ)の笑顔(えがお)は不気味だ。 your smile is creepy.


  1. こんにちは ともえ!

    Do you know of the University of Kansai Gaidai in Japan?

    - フエルナンド

    1. Hi, フェルナンド!I know of that university =)

      As far as I know, there're 4 schools for learning foreign languages in Kansai area. The University of Kobe Gaidai, the University of Kyoto Gaidai, the University of Osaka (Gaidai), and the University of Kansai Gaidai.

  2. We don't celebrate it with my family as much as we used to. My friends and I try to make Halloween fun though! They don't like that I don't dress scary. My costume this year is Pokemon Trainer (you can kind of see it in my picture :P).

    1. Hi, Jose! Haha, Pokemon Trainer sounds good! Let me join, I wanna be Pikachu('ω'*)!! lol

  3. My school offers study abroad to Kansai Gaidai :3. I am aiming to do that someday while I'm in university.

    1. Wooow, that's cool! It'll be a great experience for you XD
      I had been lived in Osaka for 4 years because I studied at the university of Osaka Gaidai. I think I should have studied abroad while I was a student!

    2. Yeah! It sounds like a real cool experience. Plus, I've met a lot of transfer students from Kansai Gaidai here in my school! They are all really awesome :3


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