Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Blue Bench

I can see my husband tomorrow! YATTA! XD

He can't speak Chinese at all, so he doesn't dare to take a bus alone in Taiwan.
I'm gonna go to the airport to pick him up because I don't want him to take a taxi.
I have a foot massage class on Fridays. I usually go out to lunch with my classmates but I think I should go home earlier to clean up tomorrow.

He will come back tomorrow, but he has to go to Japan this Saturday, and that very early in the morning. This time isn't for business but for attending a wedding ceremony of his friend. I originally planned to stay in Taiwan this weekend. But, I changed my mind. I'll go with him. I don't need to attend his friend's wedding ceremony, so I'm gonna stroll around Tokyo!

Okay, I'll introduce a romantic song for a change.

The name of song is 青(あお)いベンチ, means a blue bench. It reminds me of my school days
filled with romantic memories...  Well, that's right, I'm just kidding. There was NOTHING romantic. I know.

Anyway, this song was very popular when I was a high school student.
Aah, it's very 懐(なつか)かしい!!

I think this song is good to learn Japanese. He's singing not so fast, and its lyrics are kind of easy. Practice it and sing before a Japanese girl. Trust me, she will have a crush on you. YATTA! Lol

Here is the chorus of this song. I love it.

この声(これ)が かれるくらいに
/kono koe ga  kareru kuraini/
Until made myself hoarse

君(きみ)に好(す)きと 言(い)えばよかった
/kimi ni suki to  ieba yokatta/
I should have shouted out my love for you

逢(あ)いたくて しかたなかった
/aitakute  shikata nakatta/
I was anxious to see you

どこにいても なにをしてても
/dokoni itemo  naniwo shitetemo/
Wherever I was, whatever I was doing

*Japanese Word of the Day*
/aaa, kyun to suru/
Aww, my heart twinges a bit. <3

Have you ever felt your heart twinged? Not by a disease!
Do you have any sweet memories? <3


  1. Thank you comming my page and your comments
    I am momo. I have been to Taiwan before. WHen I ate Taiwan' s cook, It was
    delicious and savory.
    I really stuffed myself
    Are you going to come back in this weekend?
    In japan, the day are getting shorter and It get's little cold in the morning and
    So Please take care how you dress.

    1. Hi, momo! Thank you for your comment =D
      Yeah, food in Taiwan is great! I'm getting fat because of it...

      That's very helpful advice, thank you. I was just thinking about how the weather in Japan is. I'll take a hoodie.


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