Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Partner of My Life

Last weekend I returned to Japan, accompanying with my husband.
He needed to attend his friend's wedding but I had nothing to do in Tokyo.
So I strolled around Tokyo station alone. It was raining, and much colder than Taiwan.
Anyway, I enjoyed window shopping by myself.

What I bought there was a schedule book for 2014.
I've been using a schedule book since I was a student. <Hobonichi techo> is my favorite series. It's a little more expensive than others but really easy to use. It was a kind of partner of my life. I used it for more than scheduling an agenda. It was also used as a sketchbook, a diary, a memo of foreign languages I studied. I wrote down my impressions of books I read or movies I watched. I sometimes look over what I wrote and cheered myself up.

Here are the quotes I wrote down long before.

Aerodynamically the bumble bee shouldn't be able to fly,
but the bumble bee doesn't know it so it goes on flying anyway.

/subeki koto wa shite iru ka/
Am I doing what to do?
/yarubeki koto wa te wo nukazuni shite iru ka/
Am I doing what to do without cutting courners?
/yaritai koto wa meikaku ka/
Is it clear what I want to do?
/sono tame ni nanika shite iru ka/
Am I doing something for what I want to do?

/ima no zibun wa, kako no zibun no naka de ichiban toshi-ue/
I am the oldest one than myself in the past.
/ima no zibun wa, mirai no zibun no naka de ichiban toshi-shita/
I am the youngest one than myself in the future.

Last year I didn't use <Hobonichi techo> because I was given another schedule book in my company. And I currently use a schedule app of my ipod touch. A few weeks ago, I heard that an English version of this <Hobonichi techo> series has been published. I recalled the feeling of satisfaction at writing down on it, and I decided to buy it.

<Hobonichi Planner 2014>
This is the official homepage written in English.
<Hobonichi Planner Facebook Page>

I'm really looking forward to using this book in 2014!!

*Japanese Word of the Day*
/mainichi ashita ga tanoshimi desu/
I'm looking forward to tomorrow everyday.

Indeed! XD


  1. I love that quote about the bee!

    The Hobonichi Planner looks so cool, I might buy one!

    Do you also buy the cover for the planner Tomoe?


    1. Hi フェルナンド, Thank you for your comment!

      Oh, you should buy it =D
      I was going to make my own book cover for it, but on second thoughts, I decided to use it as it is. Have you seen Hobonichi Planner Lineup? The blue leather cover looks really cool. If I had found it in Tokyo, then I would have bought it.
      Yet I like this original black cover, too!


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