Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Let's Learn Kanji Characters!

Are Kanji characters troublesome to learn for you?
The number of common Kanji characters designated for daily use is 2,136. Do you think it's too many or not so much?

We learn 80 Kanji in 1st grade of elementary school in Japan. During 6 years until graduation, students must learn 1006 Kanji characters. The period of 6 years in elementary school and 3 years in junior high school is compulsory education. Students must master 1607 characters at a graduate level. In Japan, more than 97% of the students go on to high school. And then, finally, they master 2,136 characters.

Even Japanese people need 12 years to learn all of them, so why do you need to be impatient? =) Take it easy! And many people forget how to write or read some of them. Just move your fingers, the computer (PC, mobile) will help you find proper Kanji characters. Well, sometimes they show us funny conversions. I'm gonna tell you about it later!

Before the examples of funny Kanji conversions, I show you helpful video for Kanji learners.
If you have hard time to remember them or have interest in them and just want to start learning them, this video would help you out.

The title is "Learn to read Chinese ... with ease!"
She's talking about Chinese but, you know what, Japanese Kanji is from Chinese characters. The characters she introduces (not all of them) are also used in Japan in same meanings.

口 mouth くち
人 person ひと
火 fire ひ
木 wood き
山 mountain やま
日 sun ひ
月 moon つき
門 door, gate もん
囚 to be taken presoner (not so common)
林 woods, grove はやし
森 forest もり
呆 idiot (not so common)
本 book ほん
炎 flame ほのお
晶 shining, crystal (sometimes used as a boy's name)
明 bright, cheerful あかるい*明るい
旦 sunrise (not so common for daily use)
問 ask, question しつもんする*質問する
女 woman おんな
火山 volcano かざん
日本 Japan にほん
日本人 Japanese person/people にほんじん
出口 exit でぐち

This is the list of Kanji characters she showed in the video above which are also used in Japan. Do you have any particular Kanji characters hard to remember? Let me know if you have. I just wonder. =)

Okay, now I let you know the examples of funny Kanji conversions.
Today, this is *Japanese Word of the Day*


You have a Japanese girlfriend and send her an email. You want to say that you want to see her face many times. Then you'll convert it into the sentence written with Kanji characters.

/kimi no kao, nankai mo mitai/

*君(きみ) you *an informal, familiar term
*顔(かお) face

君の顔 = your face

*何回(なんかい)も many times

見(み)たい = 見る+~したい
*~したい want to do...

You must be careful not to write as;
/kimi no kao, nanka imo mitai/

*芋(いも) potato
*なんか~みたい look like..., seem to be...

You see, to use proper Kanji is very important. Lol


  1. Hello Tomoe! I am learning Kanji now through an application on my phone. It shows you the meaning of the kanji and it tests you on them, I will try to learn as many as I can before I attend a proper Japanese class starting next semester! ^.^

    - フエルナンド

    1. Thank you for your comment, フエルナンド =D
      Wow, it sounds good to learn Kanji through the application. I'm sure your Japanese will improve a lot! Keep up the good work! (がんばれ~!)


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