Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Consolation In Sadness

I.. I miss him!! I have to stay alone for 2 weeks. :'<
Yesterday I went out for a walk and found a rainbow under a waterfall.

That scenery made me feel peaceful. I walked only for about 20 or 30 minutes, but I became anemic. So I went into a cafe to take a rest. I didn't have breakfast nor lunch, but I have no appetite. I'm too lazy without him that I even feel bothersome to eat things. I really wanna be a sloth. They live a very peaceful life, I think.

In the cafe, some pics of motorbike on a fridge reminded me of my younger brother. He loves riding a motorbike. I wondered how he's doing.

Strange to say, I got a mail from my mom just now. It was about my brother.
He had an accident on his way home from a motorbike touring and now he's in a hospital. He needs to have a surgery but It was mercy that he wasn't killed in the accident.

*Japanese Word of the Day*
/baiku de jiko-ttan'datte/
I heard he got into an motorbike accident.

*事故/jiko/ an accident
*事故る/jikoru/ very frank way to say 事故にあう (have an accident).
事故った is past tense of it.

The word だって at the end of the sentence indicates that the speaker heard it from others.

/e!? daijobu?/
What?! Is he alright?

/kasurikizu de sunda noga fuko-chu no saiwai/
It's consoling that he got only a few scratches.

*かすり傷/kasurikizu/ scratches; grazes
*~で済む/ sumu/ be settled; come to an end (with something)
It indicates that something is not worse than expected.

*不幸/fukou/ bad luck; misfortune; disaster
*幸い/saiwai/ good luck
不幸中の幸い literary means "a good luck in a bad luck." The situation is actually bad (不幸), because he got an accident. But it was lucky (幸い) that he got only some scratches.


  1. I hope your brother is going to be ok! As for your husband, it's only two weeks. You have to eat! Time will go by quickly.

    1. Thank you Jose! Yeah, you're right. It's only two weeks! I should take it easy. I wish I was a person who loves cooking...!

  2. I hope your brother gets better!

    - フエルナンド

    1. Thank you フエルナンド! I hope so, too : )


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