Friday, September 13, 2013

SURVIVE! ~part.1~

Have you seen the video in my previous article?
I'll pick up one phrase from that video and explain it.
So, today's phrase is...

As for me, what I have is just 3rd grade of the English proficiency test.

英検/EI-KEN/ is one of major English proficiency test in Japan. Many students try this test. The highest grade is 1級(いっきゅう), and the lowest one is 5級(ごきゅう). The level of 3rd grade is junior high school graduates (of Japanese school).

At first, you have to choose one of the grade you'd like to take. Then, pay for the exam fee. It depends on the grade you'll take how much you must pay. The fee for 3rd grade is 2,500 yen. If you want to try 1st grade, you need to pay 7,500 yen. Do you think it's too expensive?

Above 3rd grade, there are two stages in the test. The first stage is paper test (vocab, reading, listening) and the second stage is an interview (speaking).

OK, if you passes the exam and got the 2nd grade, you can say:
Or, simply say わたし英検2級。 You know, Japanese doesn't necessarily need any verbs.

Let's look on the phrase again.
おれ is a personal pronounce used by men (very informal). なんて has several meanings, but in this case, he put なんて after おれ to emphasis he only has 3rd grade.

For example:
I broke with my girlfriend yesterday.

Come on, lighten up. As for me, I've been single for 28 years.


  1. Are the English exams required for certain schools or employment? I wonder how difficult those are!

    1. Hi, Jose! Thank you for your comment :)

      You can see past exam questions, here is the URL below:
      What do you think? Is it too easy for you? I think I cannot pass it. lol

      Some schools encourage students to take Eiken. If you could pass it, it would be your selling point. But I think TOEIC is much more popular among people in the business lately.

  2. It's alot of reading. I think I would do good! :P I've never looked into proficiency tests here for other languages. I bet they're hard too.


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