Wednesday, September 11, 2013

How To Deal With Your Stress?

Everybody would have thought that life can be stressful.
Many people wants to get rid of their stress.

But is the stress a completely BAD thing?
Do we have to struggle against the stress all the time?

Do you have a positive image of the stress? Well, I do. I think we need the stress to some extent.

A psychologist experimented what happens if people have to be in the no-stress situation. After 80 to 90 hours, the subjects lost their power of resistance to the external stimulus. They had a problem with their thermoregulation. And they suffered from a groundless imagination, become suggestible. They couldn't stand still when they were said "You cannot stand!"

Dr.Yerkers-Ddson's experiment showed that the stress shouldn't be too less or too much. The proper amount of stress can lead the best performance.

To begin with, the stress is a necessary react to survive for animals (and for primitive man). Their stress is caused when they must run away from enemies or when they lash on its prey. It raises their heart rate, blood pressure, breathing rate, and the pupils of the eyes expand, the body temperature rises...

That is to say, the stress is the function so as to protect your life, to fight, to escape from the danger. Some people say the animals which have a certain stress (it doesn't mean very stressful situation) even can live longer than the animals with no stress!

Anyway, the life without any stress... sounds very boring, isn't it?!
The stress is spice of life, I think :) Of course I hate the stressful life, though!

One's impression of the stress can be effect on his body reacting to the stress.
I found an interesting blog this morning, here's the link below.
<Rethinking The Stress Mindset:Can You Find The Upside of Pressure?>

So, don't take the stress for an entirely evil thing.
The stress is a color. Let's paint out our lives colorful!

Agh, it was very stressful to write such a sober article in English!!Lol
There should be a lot of mistakes. I'd be glad if you let me know it.

Thank you for reading today!

*Japanese Word of the Day*
/iyashi kei guzzu/
smoothing/relaxing items, something which has healing effect

癒し系 can be used to describe a person, too!
My dog Ginta is also 癒し系. He comforts me a lot. XD

Do you have any 癒し系グッズ or know someone who is 癒し系?

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