Friday, September 20, 2013

What are you doing 8 years later?

Did you enjoy seeing the moon yesterday?
Many of my friends in Japan uploaded the pics of the moon on Facebook.

We call the moon 15th August of the old calender 中秋の名月. And this year, we could see the perfect full moon on that day. It would be 8 years later when we can see the perfect full moon on the 15th August again. 8 years later... I wonder where I will be, and what I'll be doing. Do you have any visions?

8 years later, I will have returned Japan, maybe I would have children. I hope I will be keeping on studying English, and still be friends with you all! :P

By the way, my husband has to go to the Philippines the day after tomorrow. He'll stay there for 2 weeks for his business. And I'll stay here (in Taiwan) for 2 weeks!! That must be boring without him...

*Japanese Word of the Day*
/haa... tsuman'nai/
*sigh* I'm bored. It's boring.

I hope you won't have to say this phrase this weekend!Lol
Have a good weekend my dear friends!! ; )


  1. Hello! Konbanwa(^^)/.
    Did you see the beautiful moon in Taiwan? I hope you had a nice Cyusyu no Meigetu night yesterday.
    I saw it in my room. One of my friend told me, "You have to pray for wish to come true seeing the full moon." I did it at 2 am, so I was sleepy this morning.
    I wish I have a good health after 8 years later.

    1. Oh no, you slept at 2 am?! Were you busy?
      Take care of your self Gabriella-san!
      It wasn't fine weather because of the typhoon "rabbit" U・x・U
      But I was lucky, I could see the moon on my way home.
      I wish we have a chance to meet in less than 8 years! : )

  2. It was cloudy here yesterday and it rained, I didn't see the moon :(

    - フエルナンド

    1. That's too bad! You must see the moon 8 years later!
      Remember it. ;)


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