Thursday, September 5, 2013

Popular TV program in Japan

Rain has gone, please don't come back on the weekend!
It was toasty today. How's the weather in your city?

Have you ever heard of serial TV novel in Japan? It's a 15 minute program that is broadcast in every morning. I got up at six thirty, prepare our breakfast, fold the laundry, and sooner or later that TV program starts. When the opening theme music starts, I sit on a couch with my husband.

This program titled "Amachan" is very popular in Japan. Even a cat loves watching it.
The characters in this drama speaks a dialect in Tohoku area. One of the dialect phrase is now in vogue. Many people suspect that the term "じぇじぇ!!" would set to become the buzzword of the year.

"Je, je!!" is said when one is surprised. The interesting thing is, the number of "je" sounds increases according to how surprised a person is. So, if a person was horribly surprised he or she will shout "Jejejeje!!!"

By the way, the standard Japanese phrase that is said when one is surprised is "え!/げ!/うそ?!/まじ?!"

"げ!" is a exclamation of surprised, disappointment, disgust, or worry. It's used in an awkward situations. "うそ!" is literally means "a lie/a fib." We say this phrase when something that unbelievable thing has happened or you can't believe what one said. "まじ!" or "まじで!" is slung words. It means like as "Really?."

*Japanese Word of the Day*
/ano hito, maji kakkoii/
That man is sooo cool!

/uso? anta-tte B-sen ne/
Are you kidding? You like ugly men, don't you?/

*あんた is very familiar way of あなた(you). Sometimes it sounds rude.
*B専=ブサイク専門/busaiku senmon/ : The woman who prefer only ugly men or the man who prefer only ugly women.

A little bit difficult today? :P


  1. That cat went crazy when it heard the music! I'm going to start using "Je!" in everyday life here in the U.S. maybe it'll catch on!

    1. Haha, then you'll be a trendsetter in the U.S! XD


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