Monday, August 19, 2013

Can you buy your dream with money?

Hello, everybody! How was your weekend?
I went to buy my mom's birthday present last weekend. I'm gonna send it to Japan tomorrow.  I don't like to go to a post office in Taiwan because there're always a lot of people and I have to wait for a long time. The bank clerks speak so fast that I can't catch up, and I ask them to repeat many times. 

This is the birthday card I drew last weekend.  I remembered that 8/8 was Father's day in Taiwan, so I added a message for my dad, too. 生日快樂 means Happy birthday in Chinese. My parents are Japanese but I just want to show them that I've studied Chinese!

By the way, I found a funny commercial in Japan.  I haven't seen it on TV before but my Taiwanese friend who is studying Japanese told me this ad. 

A young man is talking to his boss about 宝くじ.  (You should know this word if you read my past article!) He asked his boss whether he know or not about the lottery, but the boss seems he is not interested in it. 

The conversation is like below;

A young man(bellow is called A): 部長は、ロト7って知ってます?
Boss, do you know "Loto7"?

The boss(bellow is called B): 知らないな。
No, I don't.

A: 一等が最高4億円なんですって!
I heard that the highest is 400 million yen!

B: 興味ない。
I'm not interested in it.

A: キャリーオーバーならなんと最高8億円に
When it comes to "Carry Over", it becomes 800 million yen at the highest―

B: なあ

A: …?

B: お前の夢は金で買えるのか?

A: …Σ(゜ロ゜)

A: あぁ・・・かっこいい・・・やばい、涙出そう。
Ah... How cool he was... Oh no, I almost cry...

A: 部長・・・?

( ゚д゚) (゚д゚ )

Today's *Japanese Word of the Day* is the phrase that his boss said.
/omae no yume ha kane de kaeru noka?/
Is your dream buyable with money? Can you buy your dream with money?

お前 means "you" but you must be careful to use this word. it sounds rude.
You can use it when you speak to a person who is your inferior position.
Or, some people use it when he got angry.

Now you understood this ad, didn't you?


  1. I think my dream can be bought with money. I want to be able to buy a house and not have to work :P

    1. No no, you can't say that your dream can be bought with money.
      Because, your dream is TO GET MONEY!! XD

  2. Hahaha well my first dream is to get money, my second dream is to use the money from the first dream to buy houses. :P


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