Monday, August 26, 2013

Hanging Out in the Rain

How was your weekend? Yesterday I spent more than 4 hours in coffee shop with my husband. He did some work with a laptop, and I reviewed Chinese words and phrases I've ever learned.

Last Saturday we had a trip by bus. I enjoyed hanging out around an old town.

In Taiwan you can see many kinds of street stalls. Here, a tractor also can be a stall! XD
When we were walking in a farm, I heard the roll of thunder. As I expected, it started raining.
We had only one small folding umbrella, so soon we got drenched. We somehow got to a souvenir shop and bought an umbrella. The umbrella was supposedly for both in fine and rainy weather. But it wasn't good enough to protect against heavy rain. He said; it's still raining under the umbrella.

To say 雨がざあざあ降っている was putting it mildly. The road was almost flooded. We needed to buy not only an umbrella, but also raincoats.

It was lucky to had rain because there weren't so many people on the street. I've heard this street is always crowded on weekends. I could eat some famous foods without lining up.

The rain made us tired, but it was a nice trip. I'm wondering where to go next weekend.

*Japanese Word of the Day*
もう食べきれないよ~ XO
/mou tabekirenai yo/
I cannot manage to finish eating!!/This is too much for me to eat up.

Verb+きれない : too many or too much to finish or complete
数えきれない : countless
待ちきれない : cannot wait
感謝しきれない : cannot thank you enough

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