Monday, August 12, 2013

Turtle Mountain Island

Summer is my favorite season. The blue sky makes me feel refreshed.

I got up at 5 to go for a trip on that day. Honestly, my husband got up at 5 and woke me up.
We were planning to enjoy whale-watching. I was so excited that I couldn't sleep last night. That's why I fell asleep as soon as I got on the ship. The ship swung as if it was a baby cradle.

I don't know whether it was lucky or unlucky, whales didn't appear. But I remember, I saw dolphins swimming at a distance from our ship when I opened my eyes! Though I soon fell asleep again, I'm sure it wasn't my dream. Before I opened my eyes, my husband said, I was opening a big mouth and about to swallow the sky...

Here, you can see why this island was named "Turtle Mountain Island". Now it is an uninhabited island, and you need to make an application to land.

We got to the shore at the tail of the turtle. The water was clear that I could see to the bottom.

I enjoyed walking around the lake. There was an elementary school and a temple for previous inhabitants.

This is a statue of the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy. Can you see the light over her hand? Hmm...It's very mysterious!

Chinese style temples are very gorgeous and gaudy. It's very different from Japanese style temple. The colors of the temple looked beautiful with the blue sky.

Look at the shape of this mountain. A woman is lying on her back. The left side is her face.

And this is Snoopy's face! haha Do you understand?

We left the island. The baby cradle brought us back to the port of Taiwan all too soon. I mean, I fell asleep right after I got on the ship again. I think a ship and I have a good chemistry.

* Japanese Word of the Day *

眠くてしょうがない!/nemukute shouganai/
I'm sooo sleepy. I'm extremely sleepy.

※眠い(ねむい) : sleepy

I'm going to introduce one word or phrase of Japanese at the end of the article. : ) I hope you will like it. If you have a question, feel free to leave a comment.


  1. Good evening! So beautiful!
    You couldn't meet whales, but you were lucky, I think.
    It's so beautiful places.

    When I saw the snoopy's mountain, I was laughing(^o^).
    Are there many beautiful places in Taiwan?

    1. Thank you Gabriella!

      Yes, it was really beautiful island : )
      I bet you can see many interesting things in Taiwan!

      And, haha yes, I have always good luck(^_-)☆


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