Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wanna Be a Good Person, I mean...

I found this ad on the back cover of a gossip magazine. I don't like this kind of magazine, but my husband brought it home yesterday. He said one of his colleague gave him the magazine. Well, there are only two Japanese people in his office, so I can guess who it was.

I've seen their TV commercials in Japan. It's a bit silly but I like them. Can you guess what this ad is for?

BIGマンのツキ講座(こうざ) 第二回(だい2かい)
BIGマン/big man/ is the name of the character, as pictured on the right side of this ad.
ツキ /tsuki/ means luck, especially good luck.
講座 /kouza/ means lectures or lessons. So this is the second lesson by BIGman.

/ii hito ni naritai. a, un ga ii hito ne./
I wanna be a good person. I mean, a person who has a good luck.

We describe a person who has a good luck as 運がいい人. So if you want to say "Hey, you are so lucky!", then you should say 「君ってほんと運がいいよね!!」
Do you get it?

What does it advertise?

This is 宝くじ's advertisement. Takarakuzi is very popular among day-dreamers. You buy a lottery ticket for 300yen, and if you are extremely lucky, you will win a large amount of money. Frankly, I have bought some lottery tickets last month in Taiwan, thinking about what would I do after winning BIG money.

Don't ask me what was the result. The reality is not so straightforward.

*Japanese Word of The Day*
/ikkaku-senkin mo yume janai/
It's not a dream to become a billionaire instantly!!

Maybe most Japanese people don't know how to write 攫/kaku/. Neither do I. So never mind if you can't remember this Kanji.

Do you want to buy 宝くじ?
Tell me if you know an interesting ad or commercial ; )


  1. I liked this blog because it was really informative. I wish our lottery advertisement was this fun! Here lotto tickets range from $1 to $5 The most I've ever won was $10 lol. I guess I don't have much luck. がんばって! Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Jose!
      You won $10 with $1 ticket? I'm sure you're lucky, I couldn't win even a cent!Lol
      I'll try to keep writing this blog :) Thank you!


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