Monday, August 12, 2013

Fireworks Festival in Taiwan

All kinds of jewels got together on the sky!
I hate a crowd but I love to see fireworks. Speaking of summer, fireworks festivals are very popular in Japan. Most of my friends uploaded the pics of fireworks on Facebook lately. You can see many girls wearing pretty Yukata at the festivals.

Last Saturday was a fireworks festival in Taiwan. I saw a few girl wearing Yukata, maybe their Japanese friend gave her or they bought it in Japan as a souvenir. Or, they are Japanese who live in Taiwan like me.

The background music was orchestra. It was a blast! You can see how hot it was, to stand in the excited crowd. Every one gave a glad shout when a firework was set off. So did I.

It lasted about 20 minutes. The couple who sat next to me were kissing and hugging all the time.

It was really hard to get out of the park. The road was too crowded to walk. My husband and I gave up walking toward the exit gate of the park, decided to walk along the riverside way. The light breeze made me comfortable.

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