Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Typhoon is coming (again!)

Today my husband is staying at home, though it's Wednesday.
Not because he is sick, but because of a typhoon. It's raining now. I heard a typhoon is going through Taipei city this afternoon.

In Taiwan, as a typhoon comes, everybody watches TV carefully. They are waiting for the official announcement of Typhoon Day-off.
Last night, the typhoon hadn't arrived yet though, the government decided to declare it. So today every citizen in Taipei are suspended from school and company.

*Japanese Word of the Day*
/soto ha doshaburi dane/
It's pouring rain, isn't it?

By the way, have you ever heard about 擬音語/gi-on-go/ in Japanese? 擬音語 means "onomatopoeic words. There are many onomatopoeic words in Japanese.


雨が...降る /amega furu/ means "It rains."
These blue colored words are the so-called 擬音語. Have a guess! Which word expresses the heaviest rain? I'll write the answer tomorrow :P


  1. A typhoon sounds scary. I'm sure they can be really dangerous. I'm in southern California so we don't have extreme weather. It's almost always perfect!

    1. Yeah, but fortunately, that typhoon wasn't so big. I was stayed at home with my husband all the day, but I heard all karaoke boxes, department stores and movie theaters in Taipei were full of people when it comes to Typhoon Day-off.Lol
      I envy you! All of the cities where I've ever lived had a lot of rain!


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