Thursday, August 15, 2013


Hey, why is it always raining when I want to go out for lunch ?!

Yesterday, it started to rain right after I step outside. It was fine while I was in my house. I gave up going out and ate an instant noodle at home. Today I had to go to the post office, but it seems not a good idea to go outside under this heavy rain.

Though it's raining, there are many riders on the road. I don't like riding a motorbike in a rainy day. Well, anyway, what shall I eat today? Can someone bring me delicious lunch?

*Japanese Word of the Day*
/watashi-tte honto ame-onna dawa/

If you are a man, you should say
/ore-tte honto ame-otoko dana/

Both means "I am totally a rain-bringer!"
雨女 /ame-onnna/ a woman whose presence brings on rain
雨男 /ame-otoko/ a man whose presence brings on rain

Think back over the important days of your past, weren't those days always rain? I was often told by friends "Don't bring on rain, OK?" when I was invited to hang out. Or are you 晴れ女(hare-onna)/晴れ男(hare-otoko)?


  1. I just recently started watching the anime Fairy Tail. In the anime one of the characters (Juvia) had a backstory in which everywhere she went the rain followed. This reminded me of that character. :P

    1. I've read its manga before, though only the first volume :D
      Is she cute? If so, you can call me Juvia! Lol


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