Monday, December 23, 2013

The Time of Life

Happy birthday to ME!!! lol I became 25 on 21st Dec!
Don't worry, I still welcome your birthday message and gifts. ;P

Have you ever heard of "the time of life"?
Divide your age by 3, this number tells you what time it is in a life.  :)

As for me, 25/3=8.333... It means I'm at about 8:20 in the morning in my life. 

My father, 59 years old, is already around 19:40. (59/3=19.666...)
Maybe it is time to go back home from his work. 

My older brother is at 10 o'clock. 
It's time everybody starts working in the morning. 

My younger brother is still around 7 in the morning.
He just woke up and needs to wash his face before starting his day. 

Do you get the picture?
So my life has just started. It's maybe time to go to school or work, right?
I haven't decided where to go, but I hope my life will be a great journey for me. 
Fortunately, I could meet good friends (like you!) at the beginning of my life. (*^_^*)

Thank you everybody!

*Japanese Word of the Day*
/tanjoubi omedetou/
Happy Birthday!!

; )

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