Friday, December 20, 2013

Cozy Cozy Winter :3

It's so cold these days!! :/

I miss Japanese traditional heater こたつ/kotatsu/. Do you know it?

Cats also love the kotatsu.

Japanese people love to eat mandarin oranges while sitting warm under the kotatsu.

When the winter comes, I miss Japanese hot springs, too.
Beppu city is the best hot spring resort in Japan, I think.
I've been there for three or four times.

The most famous tourist attraction in Beppu is "The Hells".
It was amazing. Don't worry, it's not a scary place at all. XD
Well, I'll write about "The Hells" in Beppu city next time.

It's very beautiful, isn't it?

And... YATTA!!! I'll be able to visit Beppu again at the beginning of 2014!!
I'm really really happy and excited to go. XD Yahoo!

*Japanese Word of the Day*
/fuyu wa kotatsu ga koishiku naru ne/
I miss the kotatsu in winter, don't you think so?

* : winter
*(Aが)恋しい : to miss (A)

Be careful to use this word "恋しい" for a person.
If you say あなた(you)が恋しい, it indicates that you love him or her.
It has a romantic meaning.

This "ね" at the end of the sentence makes the sentence friendly.
We often use it when we friendly talk to someone, when we want to emphasis the sentence, or when we want to confirm something. It's often translated as "don't you think so?" "isn't it?" or "don't you agree with me?".
It's called sentence ending particles. Japanese has many kinds of sentence ending particles!

What do you miss in winter? :)

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