Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Rock Scissors, Paper... one, two, three!!!

The last cookie on the plate. Would you like to take it?
People are reluctant to take it, but I'm not, sorry.

Sometimes my friend also reaches for the last item on the plate at the same time. What will happen next? She shouts "It's mine!!" and I reply "No!! It's mine!!". After glaring at each other, she tries to knock me down but I quickly roll with her punches, and...

No, no. I'm kinda pacifist (maybe), I never get into a fight (maybe).
So, what should we do? I know the fairest way to settle this.

It's じゃんけん /JANKEN/.
Yes, this is Rock Scissors Paper Game in Japan.
Have you played it before? It's very common way to decide something.
I often play Janken with my husband when our opinions are divided.

Of course, children love playing Janken.
I had played it hundreds of times in a primary school.

Some boys stroke a strange pose to choose which one to throw out. They said they could see the sign of what would be thrown next. I tried to imitate that pose a few times, but I didn't understand the logic. Let me know if you know it.

There're many versions of Janken all over Japan.
The most common version is like this:

/saisho wa guu, janken poi/

Maybe you know Rock Scissors Paper Game's rule, don't you?
So I won't explain it in detail. =P

Rock : グー(ぐー)
Scissors : チョキ(ちょき)
Paper : パー(ぱー)

Every player throw out Rock at first.

On "poi!" players show their hands.

(3)あいこでしょ! /aiko de sho!/
If it's a draw, try again with saying あいこでしょ.

No cheating. 後(あと)出(だ)し is against the rules.
*後出し /ato dashi/ or おそだし /oso dashi/ means to throw out your hand after you look at the other player's hand. Here, Super あとだし Janken Machine in Japan. Lol

Janken is not only a good way to decide on something, but it can be also a very exciting game. Play it with your friends or your family! =D I'm sure it would be fun!

I do like it! XD
Ah, I found this video says it's "じゃんけんポ".
But don't worry, both of them (ポン and ポイ) are correct.
Use the one which you like.

*Japanese Word of the Day*
/yoshi, jaa, janken de kimeyou/
Okay, then, let's play Janken to decide.

/wakatta. san-kai shoubu ne/
Alright. Why don't we play the best of three games?


  1. I also play this a lot! Every time my friend and I want to decide on something, hahaha.

    We actually call it "Rock Paper Scissors" not "Rock Scissors Paper".

    When we play we say "Rock.. paper.. scissors.. Shoot!!"
    On "Shoot" we show our hands.

    Sometimes people don't want to say "Shoot!", so instead, we just say "one..two..three..go!"

    - フエルナンド

    1. Haha, you also do it? Thank you for telling me the natural way you do this game in English!
      In some districts, they say "Ji Ke Ta!" instead of "Jan Ken Poi!". There're a lot of varieties of Janken in Japan. It's interesting to hear the unique ways in each cities. =D


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