Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Passion of Youth

How did you spend your youth? Or is it just the springtime of your life right now?

*Japanese Word of the Day*
/amazuppai seishun no omoide/
Sour-sweet memories of one's adolescent(young) days

In Japanese, we often describe memories(思い出) of adolescent days(青春) as sour-sweet(甘酸っぱい). Literally, 青春/seishun/ means blue-spring.

Last month I went to see a 青春映画, a teen film, in Taiwan.

You may notice that they speak mostly in Japanese in this film. This story is about an underdog baseball team comprised of three ethnic groups when Taiwan was a colony of Japan.

I do LOVE this film!! It was a blast!! XD

It reminds me of my 青春...

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