Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ponderous Pandas

I went to the zoo to see a baby giant panda! Aww, she was so cute!

She was sleeping at the top of the tree most of the time, but woke up once when I walked past by her room. :D Yatta!

She lives with her mom in the same room. The mommy panda reminded me of my mother.
The daddy panda lives next door. He was walking around.

I am sure there was a man inside the panda. A middle-aged man, probably. When the panda looked down at the small pond, he looked like a man who has a hangover.

*のっそ のっそ (the onomatopoeic word) It expresses something or someone is moving ponderously/sluggishly.

*オエエェェ (the voice of vomiting)

*ぼり ぼり (the onomatopoeic word) The sound of scratching or crunching.

*The Japanese Word of the Day*
/ojisan ni shika mienai/
It just looks like a middle-aged man to me.

*~しか only, just
*見えない cannot see

Aにしか見えない It just looks like A. (It can't be seen as B, C, or D etc..)
This is an emphasized sentence, compared to Aに見える (It looks A / It looks like A)
It would be a little confusing, so I show you some more examples.

It looks like a middle-aged man.

It doesn't look like a middle-aged man.

(3)If I say おじさんにしか見えない, then it really looks like a middle-aged man, and it doesn't look like other things.

Got it?


  1. interesting!! But how can you image a cut, giant, popular panda to a middle-age man XD !? This old man has lots fans right now.

    1. They acted like middle-aged men!! Really! XD 圓仔 is a cute baby panda right now, but sooner or later she, too, will be a...!!! lol


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