Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sushi restaurant in Japan!!

Frankly, I don't like fish. But you know, people in Japan love sushi. I guess I don't have to explain what sushi is, do I? Have you ever eaten it before? Do you like it?

I went to a sushi restaurant with my parents yesterday, though I don't eat row fish. I mainly ate salada rolls, egg rolls and crub meats. They also have some fruits, soup, french fries and some side dishes. I love watching the small dishes with sushi passing by, since I was small. :)

This is the video I recorded yesterday. We can pick up the one which is on the rotating convayor belts or use a touch panel device. When you ordered with this device, an "express train" will bring you what you ordered. It's very funny! XD

Uh, Did I say that I was going to write about Japanese traditional gardens in my previous post? Oh well... Maybe next time? Or.. anyway, That's all for today! Thank you for reading! :)

*Japanese Word of the Day*
/jitsuwa, namazakana wa chotto nigate/
Frankly, raw fish isn't my favorite.

*実(じつ)は /jitsuwa/ frankly speaking, to tell the truth, actually

*生魚(なまざかな) /namazakana/ raw fish
 ― 生(なま) raw, fresh, real + 魚(さかな) fish → raw fish
 ― 生(なま) + 野菜(やさい) /yasai/ vegetables → raw vegetables

*苦手(にがて) /nigate/ something that you're not good at
得意(とくい) /tokui/ be good at

/undou ga nigate desu/
I'm not good at exercising.

/suugaku ga nigate desu/
I'm not good at calculating.

You know Japanese people avoid telling things directly especially about negative things. We don't often say 嫌(きら)い /kirai/ "don't like" even if we do hate it. We'd rather often omit the word 苦手(にがて) and just say 生魚はちょっと・・・.

Let's say that you asked a girl out on a date and she said;
/nichiyoubi wa chotto/
It's literally translated as "Sunday is a bit", but it means Sunday is not convenient for her (or she doesn't want to go...).

My Taiwanese friend often said that it's very bothering her that Japanese always use vague words and ambiguous expressions. haha What do you think?


  1. I think it's very interesting to find out what the speaker is saying by thinking about the hints he's giving. it's almost like a game or a puzzle. Sometimes it's confusing but I like it. BTW I love that conveyor belt. I wish we had one here too. it must be fun to have a bite there.

    1. A game or a puzzle! I like your idea, it's very interesting! :D I want to write more about "the hints" hidden in Japanese language.

      It is fun and delicious, but the restaurant we went is so popular that we always have to wait more than 30 mins! 30 mins is too long when I'm starving!


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