Friday, October 9, 2015

Keep Motivated / Start from Scratch

Yay! I'll be back in Japan in 5 days! :-D

Well, I should think about how to maintain my Chinese skill in the future. Now I hear people speaking in Chinese once I go out, or the ads in Chinese always pop up when I watch videos on Youtube. It's kind of an immersion environment, though I'm not motivated to study Chinese/Taiwanese these days...

What to do if I don't have plans to come back again and lost the motivation to raise my language skill to the next level? Luckily, I found a great article written about this question!

How to Keep Learning a Language when You No Longer HAVE to

Check it out if you have the same problem. ;-)

By the way I just started to learn Dutch from scratch! hehe
(Do you remember how to say "have started to learn" in Japanese?)
So what should I do first if I want to start learning a language without any backgound? Here's what I'm working on right now:

(1) Find a Youtube video which introduces very basic phrases
(2) Learn the alphabet and its pronunciation
(3) Learn basic vocabulary (1000 most common words in Dutch)
(4) Learn basic grammar (Integral Dutch Course)
 - basic verbs and its conjugation
 - the word order of question form
 - tenses of verbs (I've just learned past tense and presennt perfect!)
(5) Try to make a sentence with words I learned
 - Send a message to a conversation partner on HelloTalk

What I wrote to my friend yesterday was just an easy sentence "Vandaag leerde ik Nederlands (Today I learned Dutch)". haha I hope I can find more friends to talk with in Dutch so that I can practice more. It motivates me a lot to get a feedback.
I appreciate any recommendations / advice! :D

Speaking of which, I thought about what about learning Japanese from scratch? How did do that at first? Or are you just interested in learning but not having taken the first step yet?

I think this website will help you a lot if you want to start from scratch, or if you want to review Japanese grammar!
Complete Guide to Japanese

And try to speak or write what you learned as much as possible! Find your language exchange partner who can practice with. (Let's Language Exchange!)

*Japanese Word of the Day*
Good luck! / You can do it! / Keep it up! /

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