Monday, October 5, 2015

Language Exchange Mobile App

Hey guys! I've found a nice app for language exchange, which is called HelloTalk.

Have you heard of it? You can not only search for conversation partners, but also send text/voice messages, use translator while you're chatting with people, draw images to explain what you want to say, and... and so on. I'm not sure because I've just registered. :P Please watch the video below to see a brief introduction of this app.

Well, I do prefer meeting in person rather than texting (frankly, I don't like texting very much), but I'm going to try it out anyway. :)

*Japanese Word of the Day*
/chotto yatte miyou kana/
I'll give it a try.

*ちょっと /chotto/ a little, a bit

/chotto mattete/
Hold on a minute.

*やる /yaru/ to do something ― やって is the te-form of やる
*~みる /miru/ to try doing something
→ やる+みる=やってみる

Here, よう represents an attempt. It's also used when we invite somebody to do something.
→ やってみる+よう=やってみよう

食(た)べよう : Let's eat. / I'm gonna eat. (I attempt to eat)
行(い)こう : Let's go. / I'm gonna go. (I attempt to go)
食べてみよう : Let's try to eat. / I'm gonna try to eat.
行ってみよう : Let's try to go. / I'm gonna try to go.

*かな /kana/ I wonder, I'm not sure (making a guess)

Is that so? (I don't think so/I'm skeptical/I'm not sure)

That's all for today! :) By the way I'm going back to Japan next week!! Yay!

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