Monday, January 26, 2015

Why Japanese people, WHY?!

It's so cold in Japan!! I heard that we'll have snow tomorrow. Agh, I need to hug my fluffy friend...

Hello, my fluffy friend!
By the way, I found a nice Podcast for learning English. The title is <American Hot Topics>. As you see, they introduce some hot, trending topics mainly in English, sometimes in Japanese. Maybe it's also good for upper intermediate Japanese learners.

Here's <American Hot Topics> Facebook page!

I was listening their latest show this morning, and I came to know a funny comedian in Japan, who's from America. See the video below! I like it!! XD

You got it?

*Japanese Word of the Day*
Today I'm going to tell you some Kanji which is shown in the comedy video.

 ― big
 ― fat, chubby
 ― a dog

一、二、三、四 ― 1,2,3,4
 ― to touch /  ― a horn, an antenna + 虫 ― an insect, a bug, a worm
始 ― to start  /  ― a woman + 台 ― a stage, a platform, a rack,

憂鬱 ― depression, gloom, to feel miserable
※ Most Japanese people can't write its Kanji! It's too hard. Me? Of course not!!

Well, my friend will arrive in Japan tomorrow. Our special tour's gonna start the day after tomorrow. :) Next week, I'll write about it. I hope it won't snow heavily!


  1. 久しぶり~!Stay warm in Japan Tomoe! 今、フロリダは暑いですよ~。 x)

    1. Heeyyy, it's been a while!! XD フロリダは冬も暑いの?!Spring has already come? Now I'm back in Taiwan. I miss my dog already!!

    2. Spring has not come yet, but it does not really get cold here anyway xD. You should have spent more time in Japan! I'm sure your dog misses you too 笑.


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