Sunday, January 18, 2015

Enjoy It Fully!!

I'm going to go back to Japan tomorrow!! Yay! XD

My Taiwanese friend's coming to my hometown, so I'll show her around. I hope she'll enjoy her stay in Japan. I'll write about our tour maybe next time, as much detail as possible, so that you can plan your sightseeing in Kanazawa.

Here's my previous posts written about my hometown, Kanazawa:

*Japanese Word of the Day*
/nippon wo, asobi tsukuse!/
Enjoy Japan fully!

*ニッポン(にっぽん)/nippon/ = にほん/nihon/ Japan
*遊(あそ)びつくす/asobi tsukusu/ to have fun as much as possible, to fully enjoy

遊(あそ)ぶ/asobu/ to have fun, to play, to enjoy
つくす/tsukusu/ to do everything, to use up, to do one's best

つくす is often used with verbs, like 食べつくす(to eat up), 話しつくす(to talk about everything), 出しつくす(to give all you can), 燃やしつくす(to burn out), etc.

遊びつくせ is the imperative form of 遊びつくす.

Well, 書きつくしたかな? Have I written all I need to?

Kenroku-en, one of the most famous garden in Japan

Stay tuned! ;)

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