Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Beautiful Woman

Hey guys! It's really hot recently, I'm sure Summer has come!!
It's not the cherry blossom season anymore, but I'd like to share this video today.
  千本桜(せんぼんざくら) /sen-bon-zakura/
*千(せん)/sen/ a thousand(1,000)
*本(ぼん)/bon/ This is so called "counters" in Japanese language.
When we count long things (such as pens, trees, sticks) use 本.
It's a little confusing because we pronounce it in three different ways (ほん/hon/ ぼん/bon/ぽん/pon/). It depends on the number.

For example:

I found a useful video!! Check it out and learn Japanese counters. ;)

If you got depressed because it seems hard, I have a good news for you. These "counters" aren't so many as Chinese! Haha

*桜(ざくら)/zakura/ cherry blossom
さくら/sakura/ becomes ざくら/zakura/ in a compound word. It changes because /zakura/ is easier to pronounce after /bon/.

By the way in this video they're playing Japanese traditional instrumentals. Did you notice? Japanese traditional music is considered as old, boring and sluggish, but there're some nice songs which arranged traditional music. Do you like it?

The vocal girl wears 着物(きもの)/kimono/. Can you see? I've introduced 振袖(ふりそで)/furisode/ before, which is also one kind of 着物. It's gorgeous, isn't it!!

Recently I became a fan of 竹下夢二/Takeshita Yumeji/, who is a Japanese painter. Women he painted are very beautiful and fascinating.

*Japanese Word of the Day*
a beautiful woman

The Kanji character has a meaning of "bauty". And means "a person".


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