Friday, June 13, 2014

Common Greeting Phrases in Japanese

Youtube is one of the awesome tools for learning a foreign language. I've studied basic Chinese on Youtube. There're also many videos which help you learn Japanese. I want to share one of it.

The title of the first lesson is はじめてのあいさつ. (First-meeting Greetings)
It has English subtitles from 1:40~. You can see its skit and key phrases on this website:

Lesson one :

So I'm gonna pick up one phrase from this video to introduce you.
みんな、よろしく頼(たの)むな (2:35~)
/minnna, yoroshiku tanomu-na/
I want you all to welcome her.

You guys may already know, but Japanese people really love to use this phrase. Not only when you meet someone for the first time, but also when you ask someone to do something, or when you want to show someone your cooperative attitude, you can say よろしく.

/nihon no koto wo takusan benkyou shitai node/
I want to learn all about Japan
よろしくお願(ねが)いします。 (02:56~)
/yoroshiku onegaishimasu/
I'm pleased to meet you.

お願(ねが)いします can be translated as "please" in English. The informal, casual form of it is お願い.

/onegai!! hyaku-man-en kashite!/
Please!! Lend me a million yen!

1 /ichi/
10 /juu/
100 /hyaku/
1,000 /sen/
10,000 /ichi-man/
100,000 /huaku-man/

円/yen/ is a Japanese currency.

あ、「さき」で良いから。よろしくね! (03:24~)
/a, saki de ii kara. yoroshiku ne/
Oh, "Saki" is fine. Nice to meet you!
Saki is a girl's name. (How Can I Call You?)  at the end of the sentence makes the sentence friendly. (See more explanation about ね in this post!)

These よろしく are used as greetings. As I said, we often use よろしく to ask someone to do something.

/kono purojekuto wa kimi ni makaseta. yoroshiku tanomu yo/
I'm leaving this project to you. I'm counting on you.

/tsuideni kore mo yoroshiku/
While you are at it, do me this favor!
When I'm washing dishes, my husband often comes over and hands me a mug that he used and says this phrase. Or, when I want him to mail a letter for me on his way, I hand him a letter and say it.

An the last phrase is;
/korekara mo yoroshiku onegai shimasu/
Please continue your support. Please keep in touch. I look forward our continued acquaintance. Be my friends all the time. I ask you further kindness... and so on!!



  1. An absolutely impressive blog! Full of useful materials! I just have to say well done Tomoe and keep up the good work :)
    And please if it's possible, put more cultural aspects of Japan.

    1. Whoa, thank you for your comment Mahyar!! =D
      Sure, I will. I'll write about some Japanese culture later! Stay tuned. ;)


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