Monday, July 7, 2014

A Satisfying Trip

I came back to Taipei yesterday from a short but very relaxing trip to Penghu Islands.

I got sunburned though I used up all of the SPF 50+++ sunscreen. (I'm not sure what SPF means, but I believed it was a strong one) It was scorching hot!!

I took a lot of photos. During my 6 days stay in Penghu islands, I tried hard to speak with people in Chinese and Taiwanese. Well, my Chinese/Taiwanese speaking skill isn't good enough, but I could somehow communicate with many people. It was really fun. :)

The sky was blue. The sea was also blue and so clear that I could see the shadows of fish.

It was an amazing, relaxing time. I read a book in a hammock.

I didn't study English and Persian while I stayed in Penghu islands. I'll start learning again from this week. Maybe I will be back to Japan next month, so I cannot waste time. I have to make every day count.

*Japanese Word of the Day*
/juujitsu-shita natsu-yasumi/
A satisfying summer break

*充実(じゅうじつ)している : to be satisfied, perfect, substantial, fulfilling

ex) 毎日(まいにち)が充実している。
/mainichi ga juujitsu shiteiru/
I am living everyday to the fullest.

ex) 充実したレッスン
/juujitsu shita ressun/
a productive lesson

ex) 充実した1日(いちにち)
/juujitsu shita ichi-nichi/
a satisfying day

*夏(なつ)休(やす)み : summer vacation, summer holidays


四季(しき)four seasons
This Kanji "四" express the number "four" and "季" means "season".

How about you guys? Did you have a 充実した週末しゅうまつ : weekend)?


  1. Everything looks so beautiful! :D

    I hope I get the chance to visit someday :)

    1. Yeah, it was a nice trip!! I really enjoyed and sunburned a lot! haha
      I'd love to visit there again! :D


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