Tuesday, February 4, 2014

For the First Time In Forever

Last week we had a Chinese New Year's holiday.
My husband also had 6 days off and we hanged out a lot. =)
We enjoyed hiking, cycling, karaoke, shopping, and, and ... so on!

We also went to see a movie! Frozen!!
It was.. just... AMAZING!! Awesome! I love it! haha
It didn't have Japanese subtitles but Chinese subtitles.
Well, I was worried about it, but I could somehow understand the story in English without reading the subtitles. The movie theater I went doesn't have 3D models,
but it was brilliant on 2D, too.

I love the songs in this movie.

I wanna pick one phrase from the lyrics as today's *Japanese Word of the Day* !!

For the first time in forever, I finally understand.
/umarete hajimete, yatto wakatta/

*生まれてはじめて literally means "for the first time in one's life"

For the first time in twelve years : 20(にじゅう)年(ねん)ぶりに
※We never say 20年にはじめて
For the first time in a week : 1週間(いっしゅうかん)ぶりに
※We never say 1週間にはじめて

We usually say 久(ひさ)しぶりに~する/した to express "do/did something for the first time in many days".
/hisashiburi ni sushi wo tabemasita/
I ate sushi for the first time in a long time.

/ashita hisashiburi ni kare to hanashimasu/
I'm going to talk with him for the first time in a while.

Or just say 久しぶり! when you met someone whom you hadn't seen for a long time.
This is an informal word which is used between close friends or family. If you want to say it to your boss or older people, then you should say お久しぶりです instead.

I woke up early this morning for the first time in  ages!! =P

But now I'm gonna go to bed again. Do you remember the word 二度寝する


  1. My co-workers love that movie, I still haven't watched it!

    1. I recommend you to see that movie! =)
      The animated snow in Frozen looks real..


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