Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Zodiac Signs

Do you know the Zodiac Signs, called 干支(えと)/eto/ in Japanese?

There are twelve zodiac signs based on the ancient Chinese astrology.
Each year has its symbolic animals, and this year is the year of Horse.
It is said that the people who were born in Horse year, are cheerful,
energetic, and open-minded.

Many websites show you the chart of birth year and zodiac sighs,
and those personality traits associated with your sign.
Search it, and tell me what animal you are! ;D

My husband bought crayons for me, so I enjoy drawing these days. ^_^

*Japanese Word of the Day*
/nani-doshi umare?/
What is your zodiac sign?

※When you talk to the person who is older or senior than you,
or the person who isn't close, then you should add ですか at the
end of the sentence to make it polite!

/uma-doshi dayo/
It's Horse.

※Or, うま年です in a polite way.

That's all for today!! Thank you for reading. :D

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