Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Creepy Sandman


Recently I'm too lazy to do anything. Um... Yep, not recently, AS USUAL.
This morning, after seeing my husband off to work, I turned off TV and listened to Podcast. I subscribe many Podcasts to learn foreign languages.
→My recommended list of Podcasts

Every time I get ready to study, I fall asleep. It's not just me, right?
And I did 二度寝(にどね) as usual. I saw a dream.

A huge white snake was attacking students in a school. I was one of the students.
The snake was starving. It swallowed people one after another, but wasn't satisfied.
I ran down the stairs to escape from it. But there was a crowd of zonbies!!

I gave up running down the stairs and turned back.
I forgot what I did, but I had a bowl of soup. I spooned up a small dumpling and came up with an idea to give the snake the dumpling. I felt very happy and smiled.

Then I woke up.

*Japanese Word of the Day*
/jugyou-chuu itsumo shuima ni osowareru/
I always get drowsy while in class.

*授業/jugyou/ class, lesson

*~中/chuu/ while, during
食事(しょくじ)中 while one's eating
会話(かいわ)中 during a conversation

*いつも/itsumo/ every time, always, every day, usually

Let's have a look at its Kanji. The letter "睡/sui/" meas "to sleep", and "魔/ma/" means "devil" "monster" and "mysterious power".

Imagine a small devil comes to make you sleep. XD
That's why we use the verb "おそう/osou/" with this word.
It means "to attack" or "to invade".

おそわれる is the passive form of おそう.
*~におそわれる/ osowareru/ to be attacked by...

Are you often attacked by 睡魔? Haha

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