Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Never Stand Someone Up!!

Do you think you are forgetful?

I am a very forgetful person, indeed. I usually write a memo so as not to miss appointments, but the other day I even forgot to review the memo and I stood my friend up! X( I feel bad. I should have set a reminder.

*Japanese Word of the Day*
/yakusoku wo suppokashite shimatta/

*約束(やくそく) /yakusoku/ an appointment, an agreement, a promise
*すっぽかす /suppokasu/ to blow someone off, to stand someone up, to miss an appointment
すっぽかされる is its passive form
*しまった /shimatta/ is the past form of しまう /shimau/
We add this word after verbs to show that we did something bad or cannot help doing things that actually we shouldn't have done.

/ano hito no kao wo miruto waratte shimau/
(I know I shouldn't but) I can't help laughing when I see that person.

/mizu wo koboshite shimatta/
(I feel bad because) I spilled water.

So you can indicate that you feel bad by adding しまう/しまった after the verb!

Here's one more expression which means "to get stood up", すっぽかされる;
待(ま)ちぼうけを食(く)らう or 待ちぼうけを食う
/machibouke wo kurau/ or /machibouke wo kuu/

Speaking of which, it was a heavy snowy day when I got stood up by my boyfriend. I was waiting outside in snow for an hour... Did he finally show up or did I give up waiting and left? I don't remember.

/yuki no naka, ichi jikan no machibouke wo kuratta/
I got stood up for an hour in snow.

Have you ever got stood up?
That's all for today. Be careful not to miss any appointments! (I will!) Thank you for reading and please feel free to leave your comment. :)

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