Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Don't see my feet!!

Well, when did I write my blog last time? July 1st? I have been slacking off for a month...
The reader might have been gone away. :'( I wish you guys will come and read my blog again.

It's not an excuse but I really haven't been feeling well these months. Now I feel better, so I'd like to start learning languages which I've held off for a while: Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese, Persian and English.

I just found Pontia's blog My Persian Courner has updated. Her blog introduces Persian culture, language and beautiful places in Iran. She also shares some Persian musics with its lyrics and English translations. I love it! :)

Today I learned a new word from her latest post which means something is more expensive than it should be. (Visit her blog if you want to know how to say it in Persian!) In Japanese, we say it as ぼったくり /bottakuri/.

/sorette bottakuri ja nai?/
Isn't it a rip-off?

Here's one more expression which is related to this word.

/ashimoto wo miru/
足(あし)/ashi/ means "leg" or "foot", and the meaning of 足元(あしもと)/ashimoto/ ranges over "step" and "underfoot". 見(み)る /miru/ is a verb "to see" or "to watch". So it literally means "to see one's feet".

If I said 足元を見られた, it means that I was taken advantage of my helpless condition. Let's say I was walking on my way home from shopping. I carried a big shopping bag full of fruit and vegetables but I was still a long way from home. I was exhausted but there was hardly any taxi. Fortunately, I found a taxi and hailed it. The taxi driver said it's 3000 yen, but I (and the driver) knew it was much more expensive than it should be. But I had no choice but to accept it because I was too tired to walk home. The driver "saw my feet".

Have you ever had 足元を見られた experience?
That's all for today! thank you for reading and feel free to leave your comment! :)

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